Product Reviews

Hi-Fi Choice

February 2014 - Ed Selley

"The AnalogueWorks Turntable One is a deft two-fi ngered salute to the idea that the UK is losing its touch at manufacturing. This neat design is evolved from the ideas of the late Tom Fletcher, the man behind many of the Nottingham Analogue range. Tim has taken these ideas to produce a turntable from components that aren't just British, but come from the local area.

The performance is pitch perfect with a propulsive energy that gives everything it plays an emotional engagement."

Hi-Fi Plus

June 2014 - Alan Sircom

"That's the thing about the Turntable One, especially with The Wand in place. It's fun, unpretentious, fun, precise, fun, and fun. Like the Spacedeck and the Interspace, it doesn't gloss over bad recordings and badly abused recordings, but it recalls your vinyl in a manner that will keep you listening long into the past, and not many turntables at the price can do that so effortlessly. Highly recommended."

Hi-Fi Stars

Spetember 2014 - Ansgar Hatscher

"Der AnalogueWorks Turntable One ermöglichy den direktesten Wiedereintritt in das analoge Musikzeitalter, vermittelt durch seine bodenständige un agile Spielweise viel Freude an der Musik und kostet dabei nicht die Welt."

Hi-Fi Choice

September 2014 - Andrew Simpson

"You really don't need to spend all that much time with this turntable to realise that Analogue Works has carefully considered every aspect of its design, engineering it for maximum performance while ensuring that it remains eminently user friendly. It's a perfect sonic match for the Jelco arm, which combines for an expansive and full-bodied sound that's begging for the best cartridge you can afford for long-term enjoyment.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about this machine as word spreads. If you're in the market for a turntable upgrade, the Analogue Works deserves a place right near the top of your shortlist."

Hi-Fi Choice

February 2016 - Ed Selley

"AnalogueWorks has been clever in putting the Zero+ together and has avoided particularly radical design aspects and exotic components. Instead it has focused on using the best materials it can get its hands on and sound engineering practice to deliver a turntable that is handsome, beautifully made and exceptionally capable across a very wide variety of music. We loved the Turntable One, but in this second generation of turntable models it has a genuine star, and the Zero+ should be on your shortlist if you're seeking a deck at this price."


July 2017 - Herb Reichert

"As a basic turntable without tonearm, the AnalogueWorks Zero is a simple bit of elegant engineering that reproduced every record in a fundamentally truthful, exceptionally quiet, grainless, and highly involving way. It was a joy to use, and made late nights in the bunker extra magical.

For under $2000, I can't imagine a better basic turntable. The AnalogueWorks Zero delivers Class B sound at a low Class C price. Highly recommended."